7" Review: Fuck Knights, "Kristina!"

7" Review: Fuck Knights, "Kristina!"
Fuck Knights photo by Jayme Halbritter Photography

Welcome to a new feature on Gimme Noise that highlights local 7" releases that may have flown under your radar. The first is a single by Fuck Knights that was released late last year.

With their dirty moniker and lecherous stage names, Fuck Knights give the impression of a band that doesn't take themselves seriously. Despite what Lord Ballahag, Sir Fuxalot, and Sir Getsalottapuss can do with their instruments, the names make me far more interested in their personas than their musical output.  These hesitations vanish once "Kristina!" gets underway with a pounding bass drum, start-stop guitar, and hyper vocals that anger the blood as only good, noisy garage rock can. It's a hook-filled two minutes, defined by vocal yelping and killer guitar shreds between verses. I don't know who Kristina is and I don't know what Getsalottapuss is saying, but I like it. The b-side "Mods/Kilos" has a similarly straightforward approach, but uses a slightly poppier vocal timbre. When you've settled into a bouncy rhythm, the song transitions, growing more frantic and crazed until--just as it seems the band will collapse--the needle runs out.  

Fuck Knights craft their ass-shaking, guitar-heavy sound from a time when rock was still dangerous. There are underlying surf and rockabilly influences, but what they really bring to the table is an animated beast that is ragged, angry, and a little warped, but still capable of a primal rock'n'roll melody. The songs are a perfect fit for a 45 rpm single, complementing each other and warranting repeated listens for their short bursts of energy.  

To order a copy of the 7" for "Kristina!" by Fuck Knights, visit their MySpace page.

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