7" review: Condominium, "Barricade"

7" review: Condominium, "Barricade"
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"Barricade" opens with the words "I know what to expect," which couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to labeling Condominium.

Hardcore would be most applicable label, as the opening lines are followed by lung-clearing shouts and metalcore influenced guitars. However, there is a quick shift from power riffs to Black Flag-inspired licks as the song deconstructs into something more complex and artistic. The song has three parts, with the first being fairly standard genre material before it hits an early apex and uses this faux conclusion to manipulate the tension with a drawn out final third that hints at, but never quite develops, into another burner. The band uses atmosphere and tension, rather than straightforward aggression, to voice their frustration.

"Big Plans" takes a lighter approach. The instrumental is over four minutes long, and this one reels with anger and frustration, again playing the tension steadily instead of building to a climax. Think Neurosis-lite, with heavy riffs played at mid-tempo, but kept within a concise time frame. Throw in the haunted lyrical tone, and there's an ominous feeling when you listen to the record. It's not only angry, it makes you feel a little uncomfortable in your surroundings.

Download an mp3 of the "Barricade" single, courtesy of Fashionable Idiots Records:

mp3: Condominium, "Barricade"

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