6 zombie songs to get you fired up for Halloween

​The bloody and drunken Zombie Pub Crawl may be over (RIP), but we all know zombies never die. So, what better way to get pumped up for Halloween weekend than by listening to a bunch of zombie songs? 

The historical relationship between zombies and Halloween is a typical clusterfuck of American mashup culture, where Haitian voodoo tradition plus European folklore equals a Wal-Mart Halloween section and a zombie movie starring Jesse Eisenberg. But despite the recent onslaught of zombie thrillers, comedies (zom coms?) and books, The Culture Machine has been peddling zombie culture since at least 1932, when Hollywood released its first full-length zombie film--which was titled White Zombie and starred Béla Lugosi (recognize either of those names?). 

Here are 6 awesome zombie songs to listen to while you put on your costume and makeup this weekend:

White Zombie - I, Zombie
Aside from naming his band after the film that started it all, Rob Zombie has always been obsessed with zombies and weirdos (and death in general). Basically every Rob Zombie song ever is about the undead, and this one is obviously no different.

Misfits - Astro Zombie 
Any zombie horror list would not be complete without everyone's favorite 5'4" greaser. Glenn Danzig is the godfather of horror-crooning zombie rock, and this track from the Misfits' 1982 debut album is one of the catchiest songs about the undead you will ever hear. Doesn't he make being a zombie sound so fun?

Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead 
It's a nine-minute grab bag of allusions to vampires and zombies (Béla Lugosi also played the title character in Dracula), but the "undead undead" chorus and references to Béla give this one a zombie pass. It has also been featured on episodes of One Tree Hill and Smallville. (Yes, we are at the point in our culture where the first goth record ever is regularly featured on WB programs.)

The Cramps - Zombie Dance
Zombie songs naturally go hand in hand with psychobilly, a genre that was pretty much invented by these Ohio-based CBGB punks. This song comes from The Cramps' 1980 debut (produced by Alex Chilton!), which features plenty of songs about werewolves, zombies and monsters. Plus, look at that awesome thumbnail.

Ozzy Osbourne - Zombie Stomp
The Prince Of Darkness And Reality TV Star wrote a zombie pop song for 1991's No More Tears. It's over 6 minutes long and features some brutal Black Sabbath-y guitar, an awesome Zakk Wylde guitar solo...and Ozzy singing about stomping zombies. In other words, it's everything you didn't know you wanted right now.

Michael Jackson - Thriller
Oh yes. We did not forget about this one. Forget the one million possible jokes to be made about MJ, 'Thriller' has consistently been voted one of the most influential music videos of all time (plus it probably inspired Teen Wolf). Everyone forgot what an amazing dancer MJ was while he was busy being weird, but have you ever tried to moonwalk? It's impossible. This track mixes up werewolves, zombies and monsters just like most zombie songs tend to do, but we'll take it.


The Cranberries - Zombie
Okay, this is a 90s alt-rock anthem that has nothing at all to do with zombies, unless you want to count the dead Irish children that Dolores O'Riordan was protesting against. But it's called 'Zombie'! Do you really think we could resist posting it in a list about zombie songs?

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