5ingles: The Songs We Can't Escape

"On My Way" is meant to be a new-blood event-rap oasis on an album (Victory) that wants to flood the airwaves with established event-rap moments. But Khaled is about as much of a talent scout as he is a great producer, and we're left wanting all around.

LCD Soundsystem
"Drunk Girls"

Would somebody confiscate James Murphy's Art Brut vinyl? I don't totally hate this song, but I'm not keen on listening to this guy have a heart attack over nervy conveyor-belt blip-pop more than maybe three times, tops.

"Love King"

Even a throwaway single from Dream is a damn sight tighter than most urban-pop confections, and the effervescent "Love King" is no different, an airily artless siege of drop-top non sequiturs, SuperGlue-in-the-taffy hooks, and what might be the most meaningless if/then postulation assigned to a chorus so far this year.

Kuniva feat. Royce Da 5'9
"Money Clip"

Kuniva bests his usual workmanlike flow here, perhaps because the ever-dexterous Royce is on hand to rub off. Kuniva: "Buryin' sacks of scratch cuz rainy days are comin'/I ain't tryin' to feel a drop of it cuz every day's sunny." Royce: "My money's something else, I feed Willies/I sneeze millis/I breathe to achieve, feel me?"


There's something timeless about this kind of beat-crushing exercise, all the synthesized synapses firing and snapping like rubber bands, seeming to ricochet off of one another in a controlled, almost antiseptic way. It's been done a hundred thousand times before, but it's always nice to be reminded that this music will never fall entirely out of fashion.