5ingles: Black Dice, Jay-Z, Priurient & More

Whether you're dealing with Black Dice, black metal, or Blue Ivy, 2012 is figuring to be a year filled with dark, rich shades -- none of these half-assed hues, please! These five singles are a cross-section of the bizarre, the boastful, and the quiet moments we spend in noisy spots.

Black Dice "Pigs" - If we, as a society, are down with re-imagining Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter for fun and lucre, what's to stop anyone from retroactively peopling the "Walk Like An Egyptian" video or the dancing scenes from The Breakfast Club with epileptic, leg warmer-clad zombies?

Lexie Mountain "Foam Coming" - Sounds like: your latest catered séance, you wish.

Foam Coming by Lexie Mountain

Jay-Z feat. Blue Ivy Carter "Glory" - Half the appeal of the Jay/Bey urban-pop power axis is a palpable lack of openness, that sort of iron-clad, media blackout lockdown most publicists worth their CVs would kill to achieve for their highest-profile clients. Given all that, "Glory" plays like a misstep: lifting the curtain a mite too high, revealing a bit too much, even if Jay's back catalogue's littered with factual exposition. Plus, all the "awww, cute" aside, can we agree that this shit boring in the same way Kanye's "Big Brother" was boring?

My Morning Jacket "Holdin' on to Black Metal" - I wanted to make a joke about what a '60s-era spy-flick spoof staring the Monkees and a tribe of anthropomorphic tambourines might look or sound like; then I remembered that three -- count 'em, three­ -- Austin Powers movies exist.

Prurient "Judgement to the World" - You can never have enough Jack Rose or Bill Orcutt tributes, even if that wasn't Dom Fernow's intent here -- even if he just wanted to demonstrate that his ability to shred isn't limited to neurotic synths and boiling distortion or hint at what he's got in store for 2012. Which, let's face it: the year is young. Sadly, no embed yet, learn more here.

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