Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, and Karen O "Immigrant Song"

Led Zepplin's classic, bathed in Sterno fire, is exactly the kind of napalm-gargling salvo you don't want to serve as your opponents' intro music if you actually want to win NFL championships.

Metallica "The Rebel of Babylon"

Sixty seconds in, Metallica tunnels beneath the mansion of your disdain and cleans out your panic room, Ocean's Eleven style. Then it's on to the fine china, the wall safe, the private hangar. See, they're like the Patriots, in a sense. Scoring five touchdowns while blanking your favorite team in the first quarter isn't enough—they're going to spend the rest of the game dancing with your corpse, like Perry Ferrell in The Gift.

Masaki Batoh "Eye Tracking Test"

Ghost's Batoh proffers thin, reedy scales that register as drones. It's solidly odd meditation music for Tom Brady and Eli Manning to review old game tapes en route to figuring out to avoid high-impact tenderization.

Doomtree "Beacon"

"Crossed fingers for the win"? Of course, but that's a failsafe: You prep hard, psych up hard, then go hard on game day. Minneapolis's Doomtree—whose No Kings is resolutely glass-half-full barrage hip hop—know this better than most.

People of the North "Steep Formations"

A defiantly machinist, white noise-billowing fount, "Steep Formations" scans as Kid Millions and Bobby Matador's attempt to demonstrate that they've got more than Neu! bootlegs in their collective bag of tricks. It also doubles as what fans of the team that loses this Sunday's Super Bowl—faces chapped with cold, parkas drenched in Molson, and seeing only red—can expect upon leaving Lucas Oil Stadium.

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