A$AP Rocky


A pretty motherfucker? Yeah, A$AP uses that phrase to describe himself—and chances are he's got no clue how latently homoerotic the video for this song is, right down to the fact that even teen b-boys won't have designs on his arm candy. There's nothing in his rhyme schemes to explain why tons of corporate cash is being thrown at this guy. One for the time capsule, certainly.


"Wet Bandit"

I bet Jennie Fulk could call one humdinger of a cattle auction, for real.

Key of Shame

"Outdoor Performance, 6/12/11"

A rare thing, to hear guitars played in a way that evokes a flock of caged, lachrymose hawks and staple-gun massacre, simultaneously.



Like the soundtrack to deep-frying a European rave—revelers, DJ, promoters, drug pushers, and all—in the most humanitarian sense of that conceit.

Sex Church

"Dull Light"

Yep, I caught that too; there's an undeniable twang to the ever-ever-after chords this Vancouver foursome strike here, somewhere between surf rock and edgy C&W. But just as suddenly we're all hurtling through the cosmos at more than three times the speed of light, making it all kind of a moot point.

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