"Knights of Shame"

The way Aaron Bruno sees things, nothing's sacred: disco bounce, ersatz Gorillaz, space-rock drift, and punk-opera story-song largesse can coexist peacefully in a single 15-minute long suite that never wears out its welcome.

Angels in America

"Trespass 2"

Shortwave transmissions broadcast from the end of the world, except that the end of the world happened last week in a 19-year-old paranoiac's blacked-out bedroom while she sipped Crystal Light and recorded a podcast.

Matt Duke

"Needle and Thread (Acoustic)"

Do coffee shops remain popular congregation points for earnest, starry-eyed young people eager to watch other earnest, starry-eyed young people—toting strapped acoustic guitars—pretend to be Crystal Bowersox? If the answer is yes, and you frequent coffee shops, there is no need for you to fuck with Matt Duke, because you already spend a lot of free time and disposable income willingly fucking with people who sound a lot like Matt Duke.

Rick Ross

"I Love My Bitches"

Well, you know, it wasn't like the National Organization for Women was repping for Teflon Don. Other stuff Ross loves: runaway alliteration, chipmunk soul, not suffering from debilitating seizures.

Unicycle Loves You!


Sure, misery loves company, but how does misery feel about bummer power-pop that holds up a mirror?

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