Lou Reed & Metallica

Lou Reed & Metallica

"The View"

Brutal? Definitely. Vicious? Oh yeah. Divisive? For sure, but prolonged acclimatization to Reed's uber-bastard spoken-word and Metallica's mescaline grind has the effect of bringing one around to their unique point of, er, view. Also, it's kind of fun to imagine the group performing this for the ladies on The View, atop a table, Reed straddling Elizabeth Hasselback in black leather pants and Whoopi Goldberg making with that "oh no you didn't" face that's become her thing.

Pop. 1280

"Step into the Grid"

Squalor! Scum! Lou Reed, even! Wholesale urban decay + synth-punk = Pop. 1280. These (apparently) agit-prop New Yorkers sell post-Suicide/Elastica almost too convincingly; lend them your ear for three minutes, you'll be eating kibble from their grubby fingerless-gloved hands.

Mark McGuire

"Firefly Constellations"

Mark McGuire and I hereby categorically reject all arguments against tiling Olympic-sized outdoor pools with opal and mandating 3D-tints for swimming goggles. Would Reed dig "Constellations" as a soundtrack for Eastern meditation? Maybe.

White Gimp Mask

"The Comeback"

Odds are maybe 15 to 1 that Reed owns this Houston outfit's namesake; odds are roughly 1,000,000 to 1 that he's acquainted with the burrowing, bludgeoning power electronics transgressed under this banner.

Atlas Sound

"Te Amo"

I bet if you cracked Bradford Cox's dream diary open, you'd find nothing but concentric circles drawn in white crayon. Lou Reed's dream diary? Let's not even imagine that.

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