Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

"Witchhunt Suite"

So goddamned campy and ridiculous it should really probably involve fun blood, breakdancing Muppets, and, like, Keith Giffen in some capacity.

Benoit & Sergio

"Walk and Talk"

This probably wasn't the intent, but so-called life as a drug-manipulated marionette doesn't seem so unpalatable when "Talk" is in constant, heavy-lidded rotation.

Russell Haswell

"Computer N0!Se"

Scouring, laser-beam onslaught that takes the measure of one's soul almost immediately, its polygraph-arm scribble-scrabble noise lapping and bunching with such inextricable intensity that it's impossible to turn away.

Mannequin Pussy

"Empire of Blood"

Chaotic thrash imbued with the sort of blinding, uneven tunefulness that anchors legend. Holly Ramos, meet Glenn Danzig.

Young Nigga

"Come Threw Looking Clean"

Though by "threw," the Odd Future pranksters actually meant "through"—probably—it's easy to read "Clean" as throwing down a gauntlet of some sort for their peers; this myopic, mumbled joke single doubles as an indictment of both Lil B and Lil Wayne at their least creative. (The cover art just reminds us that even in death, Easy E remains an easy target.) Mostly I just wish this was funny enough to listen to a second time.

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