"Turn Me On"

Handclap-driven dance pop in platforms, mirrored shades, and platinum lust. If I sound bored about this, it's because I am, and there's nothing even Minaj's blink-and-miss cameo can do to make it feel vital or interesting.


"Pago Pago"

Are you paying attention? I'm about to coin a new subgenre: "Middle Earth micro house." In the Shire, they eat this shit up.

The Field

"Then It's White"

Two great tastes that shouldn't necessarily taste great together—chardonnay-at-sunset pianos and a bubbling cauldron of synthesizers—complement one another nicely here. For dessert: mortal souls a la mode.

Main Attrakionz

"Rap Junkies"

You know, I like these Oakland chuckleheads a lot—they're warm and feisty in a companionable way, like a more palatable G-SIDE—but they refashion hip hop as a sleepwalking exercise or weeding one's garden or something. The more wiped out you feel, the sharper Squadda Bambino and Mondre Man sound.

C. Spencer Yeh

"Au Revoir..."

You know those scenes in Looney Tunes or Tom & Jerry cartoons when something catastrophic happens to somebody's teeth, but they don't shatter right away? The teeth just kind of slowly disintegrate, the pieces rattling from mouths to the ground in time with nightmarish Baby Grand tinkling? "Au Revoir..." is kind of in that vein, though Yeh triples and quadruples that sound so that the effect is deeper, like you're tumbling deeper and deeper into a quagmire you can't awaken from.