"Indian Summer (Des Moines)"

Some breaks are beyond the ability of Gorilla Glue or hot reconciliation sex to fix. The jaunty, singing-strings "Summer" brings listeners into the moment just after each side has realized détente isn't happening but there's a fear of verbalizing and thereby ratifying the particulars of this harsh new reality.

Rick Rab


A street-wise, sentient Slinky, captured poppin', lockin,' and breakin' on wax. Fresh!


"Rattle Back"

The compressingdensetanglesofbarbedwirelyricism in tipsy sing-song legacy of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony lives on in the person of a clown-haired white rapper from Atlanta who looks and dresses a little like Sam Kinison.


"Glass Swords"

When your twilight acid-trip reaches the point where the constellations have reconfigured themselves as cherry-flavored dry-ice stalagmites or guitar-strokin', world-destroying rejects from Daft Punk videos, you've no recourse but to crank "Swords" louder still.

The Sheepdogs

"How Late, How Long"

Rolling Stone cover-story contest winners rock shaggily but know how to soft-sell poly-guitar harmonies like the kind of band who, back in the '60s or '70s, would have been on the cover of Rolling Stone at least once a year. Read: kinda like Chris Cornell or Glenn Danzig fronting Phish for a cover of the classic Juicy Fruit jingle, which is no bad thing at all.