"Hold Your Hand"

Kristin Gundred relates a hymn not of helplessness, but of instructive empathy—albeit while dressed exactly like a Pat Benatar impersonator from Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

Johnny O'Donnell & Sacramento Masquerade

"Crackin' Up"

"All my friends, it seems, are cracking up/Alcohol has turned our brains to mush," O'Donnell begins over sub-Jim Croce California claptrap rock, and his grimaces only deepen from there. This is a survivor's lament, hangdog and sodden, imbued with the kind of survivor's guilt all the tequila in Cabo won't wash away.

Prince Rama


"Trust" is theme and practice alike for the sisters Larson: They preach it ferociously, even as they test the outer limits of yours, jackknifing from muffled, misfiring sirens to mystical world-pop to Goddess knows what else.


"To the World"

"World" puts me in mind of rider-less subway-car trails shuddering around the spires and through the bowels an urban landscape in ruins, screaming all the way—a world decimated, demolished, diminished.

World's End Girlfriend

"Decalogue Minus 8"

If Katsuhiko Maeda were a Doom Patrol rogue's gallery reject, he'd undoubtedly be Agent "!"