"Just a Little Something"

So I guess these guys went gaga for Prince and Bowie at the point when they changed their name from "D.Rider" and abandoned semi-abstract guitar studies as a career goal; glad they did, because their attempts at becoming are that much weirder now, demanding some copious head-scratching. Dude, Afrobeat!

Female NVA Commander
"Noble Soldier 2"

Give a fetal melody some amplification, and it'll reign for an hour; give a fetal melody elephantitis and virulent syphilis, and it'll endure forever.

Royal Forest

"You and I Were Working"

Just when you thought there'd never be any reason to discuss Ben Folds, Phil Elverum, and dinky toy concertos in tandem, Cody Grounds crashes the stage-whispering klatch and whips out his Ouija board.

Jason Urick & Cex

"Title King, Untitled Track 2"

There isn't much to say about heavy, blunted dub mixes except to inquire why you're reading this sentence when you could be drowning yourself in the one in question, which is free.

Ursula 1000


Casting sessions for a New Adventures of Gidget reboot? Don't hold your breath. But ask yourselves anyway: How handy are you with a hula-hoop? Can you play "Misirlou" on a ukulele? Where's that surf wax?