"1 + 1"

You do realize that this song means that B owns pretty much every bride/groom wedding dance from yesterday until the end of civilization, don't you? Future polo champions, presidents, and legendary jazz session men are being conceived to "1 + 1" at this very second.


"Happy Birthday Party"

When "Happy Birthday Party" regularly preempts the first track on Side Three of The White Album at catered quinceañeras, Dom will really know they've made it big. Until that happens, "it's about to get gnarly" totally trumps "who this" as something to say when accepting a phone call or welcoming in a gentleman caller.

Ellen Fullman


Kinda like being a fly on a wall in a bedroom while ecstasy-stimulated violins and sitars work their way lethargically through the Kama Sutra, except that no violins or sitars were aroused in the making of this recording.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks


"Would you like to pet my riffle?" doesn't require much parsing, but "all roads seem to lead to China" could bear at least four different meanings. Describe "Spazz" to doubting Thomases as "the slack-rock Cliff's Notes version of 'Hapworth 16, 1924'" and watch their heads explode.

Sole and the Skyrider Band feat. Lil B and Pictureplane

"Bad Captain Swag"

Call it equal-opportunity Def Jux schizoid paranoia or whatever you wanna, but these three—two emo-rappers, one synth sculptor—are onto something, however indefinite and blunted.