Girls Names

Girls Names

"I Lose"

When you're moaning, "I don't miss my old life" over and over again, you totally miss your old life.

Miracle Fortress

"Everything Works"

Existential ecstasy or omnipotent reverie? I'm not sure which, but either way, this scans as a streamlined, mechanistic take on Phoenix's poised, pneumatic pop-rock.

Phoned Nil Trio

"King Rat"

Ladies and gentlemen, we are riding a jagged AM signal straight into the heart of a red-dwarfing Sun.

Christopher Riggs

"Here's a Song About a Guy Who Travels Someplace With a Gun"

I'll make the "put it in your mouth, Riggs" joke first, so you don't have to as this prolific noise tactician—his Drudge Report-spare website will melt your face off—mines machine-shop shear, scrape, and grind into something indispensible.

Neil Young

"Walk With Me"

Think of "Walk" as a 30-megaton (or Marshall-stack, take your pick) payload-blast of amore, a naked, tarmac-clearing embrace from a graying dinosaur reaching and rocking out for you, the hagiographic audience, while he's still able as (almost) anyone else; think about hiking up that treble a little higher. Love thy neighbors!

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