Lord Huron

Cloud Nothings


Should Walking Dead or The Glenn Beck Program ever need a black-comedic, tonally dead-on jerk-pop opening theme song, this choice cut—with its "I don't have a heartbeat, why do you?" chorus—would fit the bill to a T.


"Rude As Jude"

It's easy, what Dom does, this sort of greasy-haired, wheedling pomp—easy to laugh at, harder to shake. Sort of "you've got your garage-rock in lounge-pop!" Or "why shouldn't Blair Shehan of Knapsack and Billy Corgan duet together?" Why not?



If you pull a Lloyd Dobbler with this pastel roller-skate jam—and how does one do that these days, anyway, with genuine boomboxes so hard to obtain—and she accidentally ass-dials the sheriff's department, then your love-of-a-lifetime wasn't meant to be."

Lord Huron

"Son of a Gun"

Disclaimer: not a cover of the Vaselines classic, but rather some flickering fog-folk acoustic business that's a cross between running barefoot through damp fields before dawn alone and jamming early Songs of Green Pheasant demos under the influence of over-the-counter cough syrup.

Soft Circle

"Not Another Follower"

Seriously, fuck all poli-socio "phrase-based" diatribes, regardless of whether they're coming from R.E.M. or Billy Joel or, um, a former member of Black Dice and Lightning Bolt—even when they're as melodically engaging and clever as "Follower" is.

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