Lil Wayne feat. Cory Gunz
"6-foot, 7-foot"

See, the joke is that coming this top-form hard outta the gate, Weezy is metaphorically racheting himself up, becoming taller in a sense. First bonus: He's stunting atop the fucking "Banana Boat Song," of all things, and making it motherfucking bang. Second bonus: Cory Gunz, who, well, whoa.


"Lay Down in a Ditch"

Lots of cats out there can drone, but there's a depth and width and endurance to the drones on display here that, coupled with Jonas Asher's tendency to send the quavering whole on Möbius strip journeys through cerebral minefields, elevates Grasslung somewhere above the rest of the pack.


"In the Shadow of a Doubt"

Should you ever need to build a principled argument against lyrical repetition in rock music, this song is probably exhibit A.


"Go Outside"

"Strawberry Number 23" jingle and carousel-on-LSD tingle, with just the barest hint of bounce to the ounce. Doesn't it sound like a bunch of kids flying kites in the Thousand Acre Woods are singing this in perfect pre-adolescent harmony?

Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne
"Girls Around the World"

Replace baby-soft aloe-assisted complexions with chrome dermis and you've got the video concept here, even though the verses don't dare to get that outre. But really, all you really need to know is that the combined greasepaint/FX budget for this song's video—a semi-sci-fi mélange of ROM/Tron/Heavy Metal Magazine covers—probably was double your post-tax take-home salary last year.

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