"Teenage Suicide (Don't Do It)"

Finally: a "choose life" public service announcement you can shimmy awkwardly to in the club while washing down cyanide caplets with complimentary Patron.

The Kindergarten Circus feat. James Leg

"No More Wizards"

Torrid, tenacious thrash from Tennessee that's equal parts lupine and leather, like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's hellraiser lil' cousins.


"Sticky Situation"

Blame the Regina Spektor/Megan Joy Corkrey school of precocious over-enunciation for what this New Jersey sister act gets up to vocally, but its arrangements—ramshackle-yet-tidy, homespun, mawkish folk-pop—almost compensate for the vowel throttling. And if you're thinking that "sticky" is sexual in this context, you're a sicko.


"Two-Finger Symphony"

Lots going on under this late-model S-lab hood—something of a samba influence, forward momentum driven by insistent pianos, inventive use of a limited range of notes—but I'm more intrigued by what's happening on the low-end level here. Beneath the drums and bass, a sampler-borne effect that suggests a welterweight pummeling and flooring an opponent plays in blink-and-miss-it loop. Weird. Subversive? Hmmm.

Unicycle Loves You!

"The Small Print"

On tonight's episode of Parenthood, mousy, sensitive high-school libertine Amber Holt (Mae Whitman) arrives home to discover that her new mirror allows her to peer into an alternate (if similar) reality and communicate with a slightly different version of herself; unpolished Atlas Sound demos waft by on the soundtrack as the two Ambers awkwardly compare notes and cigarette brands.