Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove

"Kissin' U"

It's just a kiss, Miranda! I mean, wouldn't it be a waste if you got all overexcited and suffered a coronary while finally planting one on that super-special dude?

Katt Hernandez

"Track 1, Side 1 of Unlovely"

Oh, the unholy miracles Hernandez pulls off with nothing more than a bow, a violin, and a bit of sinew; it's like she's holding back a stable full of demonic, spooked stallions by sheer, focused force of will. Dementedly entrancing.


"Fist Family"

The family that blows eardrums together blows paradigms together, it seems. These three gentleman seem to be battling one another tooth and nail for a prime piece of real estate at the core of this song, and the fracas stupefies because no one's winning: Chris Corsano's brick wall of drum-bombs runs smack dab into the twin-alarm guitars of Ben Chasny and Richard Bishop for eight taut, unsparing minutes.

Pusha T

"Dearly Beloved"

When dope-peddler's remorse didn't score Clipse a gold plaque, the Thornton brothers went solo. Ergo, coke is "NoDoz," "Benz tells you to beat it as it moonwalks by," and "any car under a hundred is a no-no," among other razor-sharp punch lines and wordplays that (might) suggest a Pusha T renaissance.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

"Vocal Chords"

Unlike its AMP-sponsored, #88 not-quite namesake, this Detroit outfit has no need for speed, instead preferring palm-tree languor and hula-hoop rhythms; think Animal Collective minus the Jungle Book shrieks and Möbius strip loopiness.

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