"Long Hard Road"

Sade Adu's smoldering indigo melancholy is timelessly exquisite, a richly detailed shawl guaranteed to protect you from predators you didn't even know were stalking you. "There's something that you need to know/It's gonna be all right," she purrs, even though this sultry song's subtext is far more complicated and mysterious than this reassurance suggests.

Gucci Mane

"Georgia's Most Wanted"

"I spent my winter in jail, so I'm ballin' all summer," Gucci declares at the outset—not fronting, he's serious—then he's in and out of big cities like a Walmart 18-wheeler, dodging John Q. Laws of all stripes, talking slurred smack, insisting, "I'm not an artist, I'm an awesome-ist," as though you'd find that in your falling-apart Webster's.

Nothing People

"In the City"

At least five or six effects pedals were bruised in the making of this recording; their suffering was worth it. Meanwhile, the singer isn't Thurston Moore, no matter how much he wishes he were.

The Diplomats


They're on good terms again—as nasty as they wanna be, vaguely telepathic in how they complete each other's verses—even if the hungry-for-fame desperation that enlivened early Dipset singles and albums isn't totally there because everyone's got their own solo careers and crews to pimp. Am I stoked for this reunion? Hmmm. Are you?

Of Montreal

"Coquet Coquette"

"I don't wanna catch you with some other guy's face under your eyelids" is officially the new "I want a girl who will laugh for no one else/When I'm away she puts her makeup on the shelf" for over-possessive indie-dork fuckwads.

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