White Hills

Kimya Dawson

"Walk Like Thunder"

By the time Aesop Rock turns up for his cameo, you realize that you no longer give a shit about the fact that an Aesop Rock cameo's in the wings—even if it is a succinct, contextually valid cameo—because the utter and totally carpe-diem puerility of "Thunder" has won you over and dropped your heart into your shoes.

Pusha T feat. Pharrell & 50 Cent


It just goes to show: Roaches don't care whether you roll a Schwinn or a Bugatti.

Religious Knives

"You Walk"

Stop me if you've heard this one before. An earlier incarnation—"The Streets," from 2008's spooky It's After Dark—showcased a more foreboding, less alluring side of the same dirge-like melody and haunting, second-person singular lyric.

George Taylor

"Cowboy State of Mind"

A little bit J. Mascis and a little bit "Travelin' Man," elements one doesn't expect to find in East Coast country. There's a lilt in Taylor's voice in the chorus that hints at a yodel as much as a lump in his throat. Some might call this deception; I'd call it art.

White Hills


Mashed, webbed guitar-clang clamor, like the sounds of a steelworker's toil or the tolling of some ancient bell.

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