The Arcade Fire

"Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)"

Check's in the mail, Blondie. No, not the Social Security check or the AARP card. Should bear a Quebec postmark.

Le Butcherettes

"Riko's Smooth Talking Mother"

A coiled, post-Elastica sneer that should come with its own leather wristband, on vinyl only.


"Live at the Triple Door"

Like digging your way up from the bottom of a snow avalanche in the Swiss Alps, only to discover upon emerging that your prescription sunglasses are broken, your sunscreen's gone, and your mouth's full of bloody slush.



Strip away the treble, zone out Thom Yorke's ouija-board murmurings, and focus on just the drums; you'll be left with Phil Selway's almost inhuman percussion, a shuffling, banging trundle that simulates an operating freight train. Try it! Uncanny.

Yellow Tears

"The Golden Family I, Incantations II, Consumation III, Wading to Within"

Behold, brackish, psychosis-inducing noise fit for black-site dungeons where fragile enemy-combatant detainees marshal forces between intense waterboarding sessions. Bummer the days of drugged wine and Taxi to the Dark Side skullduggery are over, cuz these sado Brooklynites could make a killing as government contractors.

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