Esben and the Witch

Esben and the Witch


"Upside Down"

Sweaty throwback twist 'n' shout hardcore that's too busy beating itself into intensive care to give a shit whether its spittle-speckled message is getting across. Similarities between OFF!—who hopefully aren't sponsored by the insect-repellent brand of the same name—and Black Flag are entirely intentional.

Esben and the Witch


Operatic, angelic transcendence; a skein of quaking cymbals, swarming choirs of disembodied doyennes; and prismatic guitar chords that solidify from soft mountain-stream runoff to polished slivers of amethyst, topped off by a friendly comet race along the rings of Jupiter.


"Technic'ly This Is Art"

So should we take up a collection for a new record-player needle for Aurist, or lobby the Limey noise sculptor for an extended paper-shredder remix of "Art"?

Desert Island Dicks

"Love Will Tear Us Apart (Consecutive Mix)"

Consider this the ultimate Plunderphonics Olympics iteration of Joy Division's iconic classic, swatches of two dozen cover versions lovingly Frankenbitten into a surprisingly coherent, all-inclusive representation of the original.


"daydreams pt. 2"

Is this the wormhole you'd find yourself in if you stuck a stained-glass window in your pipe and smoked it? You'll never know until you try.