"Sometimes I Cry"

Two years, dude? Two whole years? And still you're waterworking over this broad? Sucks to be you! At least the rest of us get to savor this soulful, pathos-drenched jewel.


"Just Another Alien"

Are you a super hacker? Can you somehow find a way to pipe "Just Another Alien" through the PA systems of every airport in the continental U.S. during the upcoming Christmas holiday season? Because this is something that kind of needs to happen.


"Super Duper Rescue Heads!"

Given that Deerhoof's saccharine, Keith Haring-esque strain of art-pop has always seemed fit for children's cartoon title sequences, it feels surreal to note that "Super Duper"—with its euphorically altruistic and vicarious "you/to the rescue" refrain—is essentially uber-Deerhoof, or Deerhoof concentrated, "Come See the Duck" squared.

P.J. Harvey

"Let England Shake"

Our Polly returns to the public arena rocking the autoharp, thumbing her nose at David Cameron's clothes-have-no-emperor Big Society (maybe), launching a million Wikipedia searches for "Constantinople."

Roc Marciano


Pick a perspective: the paranoid, pinballing thoughts of a gunman fleeing a disco or a squalid life flashing before his dying victim's eyes. Either way, the beat flexes like muscle, bangs like a cowbell, sizzles like a downed power line.