White Denim

Swizz Beats feat. Pusha T & Pharrell

"Bang Bang"

With apologies to Nancy Sinatra? Not even. Like so many overly ambitious producers, Swizz continues to be a laughingstock of a rapper, but the beat for "Bang Bang" is pure show-stopping, big-top spectacle, all crazy-eyed, ephedrine-dosed keybs and boneheaded catchy-as-the-plague hook. Pusha's AutoTrend brag—"Hoppin' in and out of lanes, the Porsche playin' Frogger"—doubles as a salute to the maestro. In other news, Swizz purportedly owns "a wall of Basquiats." Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Far East Movement

"Like a G6"

Ubiquitous and astonishing in its utter meaninglessness, yet destined to inspire a near-fatal admixture of regret, nausea, and uninvited nostalgia in tomorrow's jaded twentysomethings. Every generation deserves its own version of Daft Punk's "Around the World."


"No Words/No Thoughts"

Brute doom drones, meth-fueled synth splooges, quasi-religious end-of-days ramblings, battlin' chimes, and mad-scientist compositional cajones mashed into fuck-next-week beatitude.

White Denim


A recombinant heir, of sorts, to Taco's "Puttin' on the Ritz," Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al," and that effervescent jammy soft-shoe the Sea and Cake pursue, sometimes: whimsical post-classic indie-rock that leaves an impression without breaking a sweat, or something, which means my dad won't skip past it when I throw it on a mix CD.

Young Prisms


Good luck finding a Shoebox greeting card that conveys sentiments like "I'm still high/I'm still alive." But then again, nothing says "the drugs are high on me" like a half-coherent, oscillator-enhanced 3 a.m. cell-phone call.

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