"Coast to Coast, Side I"

This dappled, Doppler-radar drone of many colors contains multitudes: flamenco pathos, spectral reverberations, no-wave blues hymns, a sense of perspective unraveling.

Burn Idols


You know what separates cybernetic death-punk-metal bands from mortal deat- punk-metal bands? The former boast drummers who are just sick, dynamically; they pound like monstrous sex machines in X-rated manga porn. Burn Idols' drummer? Not quite that awesome.

Public Enemy

"Say It Like It Really Is"

They're saying nothing much here in a way that isn't provocative, in a way that doesn't lend itself to tweetable pull-quotes or epigrams. But Public Enemy can't stop—won't stop—fighting for its particular brand of righteousness and equality, even though the group knows damned well that it's audience is so small it could fit into the ridiculous plastic Viking helmet Flavor Flav used to wear on Flavor of Love. You've gotta respect that, somehow.

Sky Ferreira


Intergalactic vocal puree, Men at Work synth squids, splashes of Aphex Twin Kool-Aid, and I bet she owns a few Kylie and Annie albums. Put a fork in me, already.


"Another Way to Die"

Turns out that the clipped over-enunciation of Greenpeace newbie platitudes will save everyone from certain environmental Armageddon. Who knew?

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