"Convertible Balloon"

Title-sequence theme music for a stuck-in-turnaround Adult Swim series about the sociopathic delusions of paraplegic, perpetually stoned Wii marathoners.


"Almost Famous"

Not to be confused with the Cameron Crowe boomer-weepie of the same name under any circumstances. I mean, it's not like you're gonna dig up any deleted scenes where Jason Lee takes Patrick Fugit aside and says something like, "For a gangster, you sure did shit your pants when you saw the chainsaw get waving, like a Terrible Towel."


"Oildale (Leave Me Alone)"

In summers past, this generically convulsing Korn astro-dirge—and don't all Korn astro-dirges convulse generically, and don't we keep unconditionally loving these lunks anyway?—would've been the number one choice for a SummerSlam anthem. This summer, though, "Oildale" is undoubtedly BP CEO Tony Hayward's iPod jam when he'd skirting peeved pols and locals on the Louisiana coast.

The Chemical Brothers


If the submerged vocal sample—"Just remember to fall in love/There's nothing else"—is rave-of-Aquarius Zen, the altered-state ambiance is all grooved glow-stick house hook and ecstasy tab two-fer whoa. There's a wrongness about "Swoon" as a Chems joint, like it's just a bit too far out of their lane, but it's hard to resist.

Christina Aguilera

"My Girls"

I liked this song a lot better back in 2005, when it was just basically the plot outline for most of Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor videos. Or when it was the gist of all those network-TV Sex & the City knockoffs. Or whatever.

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