This MC's relationships with conventional notions of grammar and morality mirror his relationships with gun-toting haters; they're challenged. (Googling that sobriquet isn't likely to return "CY HI DA PryncE, Esq.," though, so there's a point in his favor.) Problem: The clipped, post-Miri Ben-Ari beat overshadows fourth-string punch lines and an undistinguished flow. Worse: CY runs outta gas halfway through and lets the chorus loop for two-plus minutes. Lame!


"Mind Eraser"

"I love drugs," moan the velvety voices emanating from the heart of this spinning-concrete-plates-in-a-cyclotron vertigo. The trippier "Mind Eraser" sounds to your ears, the likelier it is that drugs are, at this very moment, loving you right back.



A glittery, zillion-fireflies-syncopated sigh, this sole "new" jam from Disco2 would make a killer wind-down track for hard-rave DJ mixes, a soundtrack to gulping lukewarm Poland Spring then pouring the rest of the bottle over one's head en route to the chill-out tent.

So Percussion/Matmos


That idyllic koi pond you maintain out back, in your Zen mediation garden? There's lye in there, man, and rabid bunnies are nibbling the lotus patch. Where's your gat?

Wiz Khalifa feat. Killa Kyleon


We're not even halfway through 2010, yet Wiz clinches the crown for the year's Most Inane Stoner-Rap Banter: "This beat goes perfect with my belt!" Then he drifts, blunted, through a High Times reader's idea of how a post-'00s G-funk anthem should bang.

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