Douglas Armour

Douglas Armour

"Fall Apart Again"

The Social Registry label's normal fare is experimentalist stoner drift, so Armour's MOR moves are an odd fit—especially this one, a should-be synth-pop hit so catchy one can forgive its lyrical banalities.

"Smell Yo Dick"

Philandering dudes everywhere can rest easy; this R&B shock tactic isn't likely to catch on strongly enough to become common practice, though it may net Riskay a contract.

"Losin' It"

This Atlanta-by-way-of-St. Thomas production unit's résumé is nothing if not star-studded: Akon, Usher, Pussycat Dolls, Jesse McCartney, etc. Now they're angling for stardom themselves; "Losin' It," a skittering, mid-tempo urban pop-R&B jam, seems a fine enough first crack at that dangling-just-out-of-reach fame piñata. Given the laudable, oft-neglected theme—the narrator's mate effortlessly inspiring his perpetual arousal/awe—this summer single's audience appears to be the grown 'n' sexy. That makes sense from a marketing standpoint, but let's hope the kids are listening.

"My Superman"

Oh, that over-admired Gwen Stefani: so little body fat, so much to answer for.


Semantic accuracy demands that this group number in the millions, but a glance at the Weirdos' website reveals—disappointingly, kinda—that they're a quartet. Shadowy and abstract, "Summon" is an improvisatory mist: cymbals tittering outta nowhere, needlepoint guitars spiking randomly, and shuddering drones offering a loose coherence. When it's gone, you want it back.