501 Club adding patio, wall to separate music and food


The 501 Club on Washington and 5th Ave. S. is planning a few major changes this summer, the most significant being their plan to section off the music room with a wall that will separate it from the upper dining area.

"The wall will be starting from the bathrooms, so you can still view bands from that balcony area," says booker Noah Paster, while co-owner Jarret Oulman says the wall will improve the concert experience for attendees. "The wall will serve multiple functions," Oulman says. "It will keep the noise level upstairs quieter while abating the noise downstairs because it will be constructed with a softer more absorbent material. We will also be hosting more art shows uptairs and the new wall will create more exhibition space." "

Paster says that the new wall construction will lead to another change: for the first time, the 501 will start charging a cover for weekend shows. "The show price will range by what the bands decide," he says. "For most local shows that I'm working with, the bands have picked out a $5 cover. However, I think a free show here & there might happen." Oulman expects most weekend show covers to range from $3 to $10. Shows will also still be free on weeknights.

In addition to the construction indoors, the 501 is also adding a larger patio to the back of the club, which will expand on the small smoking patio that already exists. "I don't have the blueprints of how the patio is going to be laid out, but it will be in the big parking lot area by the upper bar," Paster says.

For a full schedule of upcoming shows at the 501 Club, check out their website.

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