50 Cent Lil Wayne Beef: Fiddy rips Weezy for skateboarding, hot pants

50 Cent vs. Lil Wayne
50 Cent vs. Lil Wayne

50 Cent attacks Lil Wayne on a new track, "Love, Hate, Love," which also takes a swipe at former G-Unit member Game.

Fiddy has long been known for his takedown tracks -- he became famous with "How to Rob," which took on just about every rapper in the game, and famously feuded with Ja Rule.

Sure, a rap feud with Weezy seems like the sure-fire way to hype an album these days -- See: Jay-Z vs. Lil Wayne -- but this latest attack seems particularly mean-spirited, not to mention homophobic and racist.

Here's 50's salvo:

Acting like a white boy bored
Now you wanna jump a flight of stairs on a skateboard
Nigga, why the fuck ya pants so tight?
You trying to show nigga your ass, your alternative life?

That first line is a reference to Weezy's recent skateboard accident, when he busted open his head and had to get stitches. The next line is a reference to Lil Wayne's recent penchant for wearing women's stretch pants under his sagging jeans, like he did on the MTV Music Awards.

Here's the song:

Verdict: Fiddy has fallen off -- these are easy targets, and he needs to look at his own fan base before he starts attacking people for "acting like a white boy." As for the tight pants: Isn't 50 Cent the guy that poses shirtless on every one of his album covers?

Also, this picture indicates the only beef 50 Cent needs is USDA-approved:

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