5 weirdest things on Courtney Love's Etsy page


In addition to everything else weird and drama-rama-filled in Courtney Love's life, the Daily has a story out today about the Hole frontwoman's ongoing saga with arts and crafts online marketplace Etsy. The site has apparently proven to be a challenge for Love, who posted a typo-pocked update to sellers that she might have problems figuring out how to pay them but that she plans to continue purchasing items that she likes.

"My checks are on a wierd sahcedule so bear with," she writes. "My Paypal account has had wierd stuff happen eg salaries and theft, so im very persnickity about it, but if i really like it youll get paid," adding, "My cpa hates the word 'etsy.'"

Oh, Courtney.

The Daily also posted some information about Love's Etsy account in their article (she goes by "cherryforeverreturns"), so naturally we decided to take a gander at some of the items she has added to her favorites and pick out the creepiest ones.


A photo of the bridge Kurt Cobain supposedly lived under in Aberdeen

Only $3.50 for a digital download. May as well, right?

Doilies... lots and lots of doilies

Little lace appliques, decorative silk pillows and puffs, antique crocheted swaths. Apparently Love's home is draped floor-to-ceiling in doilies, just like your grandmother's house.

A series of portraits of herself

Think about that for a minute: If you are an artist selling their paintings on Etsy, how weird is it to receive an order for a piece featuring Courtney Love... from Courtney Love? Pretty weird, we imagine.

Jeweled antique French crowns

Now we're picturing Love strutting around her doily-draped NYC abode, pausing to admire a portrait of herself while placing a jewel-encrusted golden crown atop her head. "God save the Queen!"


An old glass syringe


Once again, with meaning this time: Oh, Courtney.