5 Silly Questions: Mary Lahammer


class=img_thumbleft>In a new feature at Culture To Go, I've sent out five silly questions to a local blogger to find out about their life beyond being chained to their keyboard. First up is

Mary Lahammer

, a host and political reporter for


on TPT2. When Mary's not blogging at the

Almanac site

, she's on the capitol beat for public television. Mary has scored a few Emmys and City Pages named her

"Best Newscaster"

back in 2002. We also think her last name means "The Hammer" in Italian, but our knowledge of things Italian don't really go beyond eating Chef Boyardee everyday. I thought of the silliest, most inane questions in the five minutes I allotted myself and fired them off to The Hammer. Here's what she had to say...



1. If you could choose anyone living or dead, who would you really enjoy playing shuffleboard with?

Abe Lincoln. I'm tearing through Doris Kearns Goodwin's great Lincoln biography right now. I'm learning he was quite a good athlete and still being a little spunky jock myself, I like nothing better than taking on tall politicians.

2. What medication are you on right now, if any? Well, since I just finished playing shuffleboard with Abe Lincoln on what I assume to be a big cruise ship (where else do you play shuffleboard?) I assume I'm sea sick. So I'd be taking Dramamine.


3. What song would you like performed at your funeral and by whom?

"I'll Be Missing You" by Sean Puffy P. Diddy Whatever-he's-going-by-today Combs. I love how it samples The Police's "Every Breath You Take." I'll take Sean or Sting.

4. Name something you eat that other people think you're weird for eating. Everybody thinks everything I eat is weird. I eat healthy and I eat a lot. We keep a quote board in the office and my photographer was quoted as saying, "for a little girl she sure eats a lot."


5. If you could drive 500 miles in any direction from the Twin Cities, where would you prefer to end up?

50th and France in Edina. Oh, it sounds so shallow but I'm on the biggest "Anthropologie" kick right now. No matter how much good journalism you do on TV the only thing people seem to remember is what you're wearing. Plus, I have been to every tourist destination in the 5 state area as a kid stuffed in an overcrowded old wood-paneled station wagon. I don't need to experience another family road trip to see gynormous presidents' faces carved in a hill ever again.

Thanks for image of Abe Lincoln in Bermuda shorts on the Lido Deck, Mary! Pretty sure that will be in tonight's nightmare. Check out Mary on Almanac every Friday night, 7:00 p.m., on TPT Channel 2.

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