5 reunions more likely than the Replacements


Yesterday and today, Rolling Stone rather epically trolled Replacements fans around the world with an article titled, cheekily, "Replacements Members Consider Reuniting."

Unfortunately, we here at Gimme Noise (and those with eyeballs, internet browsers, and cortexes everywhere) don't hold out much hope of a "reunion" between the surviving members of The 'Mats. In fact, we've made a list of some unlikely, but far more likely, reunions that we should be holding our breath for.

[jump] Kill Sadie

Kill Sadie were a complex, fascinating, and challenging post-hardcore outfit that seemed, for some reason, to belong in the Pacific Northwest, with kin like Botch operating at full bore, rather than in Minneapolis. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, because that's exactly what they did, and it worked out pretty great for most of the band's members, who went on to success with Pretty Girls Make Graves, Minus The Bear, and These Arms Are Snakes. They are now, presumably maybe, irreparably scattered hither and thither.

Sweet J.A.P.

Anyone lucky enough to have seen Sweet J.A.P. in their prime will probably say it was one of the best live shows they've ever seen. What's the likelihood of their reuniting? I asked Sho Nikaido, former frontman for Sweet J.A.P. and current Seated Heat-ist, who shook his head solemnly and said... "No, probably not."


Lifter Puller

LFTR PLLR. The band that drove Craig Finn and Tab Kubler away to Brooklyn was a beast far ahead of its time. Asked by Pitchfork in 2009 whether another -- the first and likely last happened in 2003 -- reunion was likely, Craig Finn had this to say: "No, I don't think there is." MERP!


Speaking to City Pages last September, vocalist Maggie Morrison had this to say about the rumor mill around her and Grant Cutler's bifurcation of the popular Lookbook: "Let them make up shit." Okay then: we don't think they'll be reuniting. We just made that up -- but it's probably true.

The Andrews Sisters

The Andrews Sisters sang within a style you've heard used as a sort of temporal bookmark for most of your life -- perfectly harmonized, big band, barbershop-style Americana that, not for whatever reason, makes you ache for a phosphorous and a pack of unfiltered cigarettes. Unfortunately a reunion will not be forthcoming, for reasons easily sussed.

Bonus: The Bowl of Cherries

...forever alone....

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