5 Questions with: Attitude City

5 Questions with: Attitude City

(Karl Frankowski, left; Jeff Dubois, right) Photo by Bummpy via Flickr

It was the summer of 2005, and a bunch of expressive and tight-knit friends found themselves at a small North Side warehouse smeared with fake blood and speckled with other suspect props (such as mirrors with baking soda poured on them to resemble... well, you know what it resembles). It was the "Crime Scene Party" and it was the brainchild of local promoter/DJ crew Attitude City, which functions more like a duo in Minneapolis (their third, Dave Shaw, is located in Canada).

Since then, Karl Frankowski and Jeff Dubois have championed a yearly yacht party, a Cosby sweater party, and many gigs in between, including a VIP Room residency kicking off late last year called "Street Sounds (Swirling Through My Mind)," named after the never-stale Bucketheads track.

One thing you can expect from these guys is that, despite their silly-but-fun themes, they always keep it real: they are two of few DJs uncorrupted by Serrato and truly dedicated to vinyl. Now that's something we can really respect.

5 Questions with: Attitude City

Photo by Bummpy via Flickr

We caught up with Frankowski (who used to go by the name Karl Who? back in the day) to kick him 5 Questions before his January installment of Street Sounds, taking place Friday:

Gimme Noise: How has AC changed with the ebb & flow of the Minneapolis music scene in the last few years?

Karl Frankowski: Actually we haven't changed much. While everyone else seems to be enjoying the laze and convenience of laptop DJing, we're still hauling hundreds of pounds of records to every show. Some say we're foolish, but playing records keeps us fresh. We've avoided the blight of homogenized, flavor-of-the-month bloghouse.

GN: Name your favorite artifact from the 80s.

KF: The Lamborghini Countach. Because of our heavily guarded VIP access, few fans realize that's how we arrive to every show. However, when that's in the shop, we dust off the bulletproof stretch DeLorean.

GN: How did the idea for Street Sounds originate and what is your vision for it in a dance music climate that seems to be confused locally?

KF: Street Sounds is about appreciating dance music that was for whatever reason, marginalized. Maybe it was too urban, too futuristic, or even too ethnic. We're giving these tracks the second chance they deserve. Nearly all modern dance music is derivative, so we're also offering a glimpse of the roots - the kind of stuff producers get off on.

GN: If your night was a TV sitcom, which would it be and why?

It would be a little-known episode in which ALF meets Small Wonder, because we bring that outer space robot shit.

GN: What is something (song, quote, item, thought, fact) that pumps you up when it comes to music?

KF: "I'll never forget those aimless years. Street sounds swirling through my mind... I'm a street player, and I'll play you a song"

Chicago never sounded so great.

With the Mike the 2600 King, and Winship. 18+. $5. 10 p.m. First Avenue, 701 First Avenue N.; 612.332.1775

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