5 Questions: Quietdrive's Kevin Truckenmiller

Kevin T: Giving Kurt C a run for his money
Kevin T: Giving Kurt C a run for his money

Surprise! Tonight's Station 4 lineup will not only include round-the-blockers The Academy Is... and Mayday Parade, but  Minneapolis' own Quietdrive will join them as well -- their anthemic tunes sure to raise up some lighters and devil horns. As usual, singer Kevin Truckenmiller was assuming a frantic pace this afternoon as we got the dish on their recent reception overseas, a final ode to the Metrodome, and their new EP, "Close Your Eyes."

Gimme Noise: With your new EP, how have you guys evolved musically since your last albums?

Kevin Truckenmiller: We're always changing just as every band does. But whereas some bands try to write the same old song, we  [let] this one be effortless. It seemed like on "Deliverance" [QD's second full-length effort] we were killing ourselves a bit - we produced it ourselves which took lots of work and time. But now we got an awesome producer, Jordan Schmidt, who's only 21 years old and he's a smash with technology. I got to focus a lot more on the songs versus the production aspect of it and it came out a better product.

GN: "Jessica" seems to be your teaser track for the EP. Is it based on a real person? What's the story behind this?

KT: It was our favorite song. If we choose to play some sort of radio cut we're not sure what we'd release. I have my favorites too and I just want to wait and see what our audience thinks. But it's totally a fictional song ... I've never really known many Jessicas. Every song has its infusion of fiction, just as every fictional story has an infusion of truth.

GN: You guys seem to be slowly climbing the ladder to stardom. Who would be your ideal co-headliners?

KT: I like great performers and bands that can really entertain an audience. We try to come by seasoned veterans but I'd like to be touring with Taking Back Sunday. That'd be fun. Or Anberlin.

GN: How was your reception on your recent trip overseas? What is the music scene like at the places you visited?

KT: With England, we were brought over there by our promoter who is a kind of a rookie but our reception was good. Japan was very successful for us, too.Twilight Records [Japanese record label] over there is awesome with promotion because every time we go there it's sold out shows. It's definitely one of our favorite places to be in the world. We also did some stuff for the troops in Iraq where we flew around in helicopters and played some impromptu shows at the bases.

What are you looking forward to the most in the coming months?

KT: Just getting back on the road and playing our new stuff for the fans ... we put a lot of work into it. Then it's back to Japan in January for a few shows. Plus, I'm singing the national anthem at the last game of the Metrodome, so that will be pretty fun.

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