5 Doomtree songs to prepare us for this weekend's Blowouts

P.O.S. at last year's Doomtree Blowout

P.O.S. at last year's Doomtree Blowout

Fresh off their first family-wide North American tour, Doomtree is back home and ready to pour their hearts and souls all over the Mainroom stage to a sold-out crowd and come back tomorrow night for a second round. We're so excited, we put together this little career-spanning mixtape of their most legendary anthems.

[jump] In the words of P.O.S.:

Something more than a song

They hatin... Aw come on

Just let em try to find the beauty in the bassline

"Low Light Low Life"

From P.O.S.'s near perfect Never Better and likely set-closer to tonight's show, "Low Light" shows just how much the crew has upped their game these past few years. How much more bad ass does it get than this? A true Doomtree classic.

"Dots and Dashes"

Dessa may be the collective's sultry songstress, but her rap cred is by no means slack. The trickiest lines, lyrics sharp enough to cut you, syllable for syllable, she fucking nails it.

"Traveling Dunk Tank"

The sound of a band hitting its stride is a magical thing. From DIY kids to a polished smiles & sweat machine, its easy to see how far the family have come since their inception a decade ago. The way Cecil Otter's artful words counterbalance the amped-up energy of Stef's practically effortless flow is what truly distinguishes Doomtree.


An oldie, but still one of the fiercest, fastest lyric spits of the doomtree catalog. From Sims' Sage-like rants to the unrelenting warp speed in which Mictlan delivers his rhymes, this is hip hop A-game at its finest.

"Game Over"

Probably Doomtree's most monumental anthem, this song almost feels like an afterthought. Ironically, with lyrics like, "it's all the fame, it's all been done, it's all been fixed, it's all the same," Doomtree disproves many of the conventions and overblown hype of its genre. Mictlan makes the claim that rap can't save you. But once in awhile, it does.