5 amusing Red Hot Chili Peppers Genius annotations to help you forget about the impending apocalypse

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Provided

Say what you will about the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but they have definitely been a rock ’n’ roll act for the last 30 years.

The spry, Cali-bred George Clinton disciples -- who will hit Minneapolis' Target Center on Saturday -- have maintained an unabashedly cheery disposition with their potent fusion of stadium-sized funk-punk. Despite their myriad accolades, cultural prominence, and massive success, the band has been the focus of cultural ridicule for years -- and it’s mostly due to Keidis’ zany, oftentimes incoherent, lyrics.

Fortunately, some very devoted fans -- let's just call them heroes -- have taken to the internet and attempted to provide some meaning in these trying times. Their medium is Genius, a popular crowd-sourced website where anyone can post their own interpretations of pretty much any song ever (Spoiler alert: Turns out every Elliott Smith song ever is about heroin).

Sure, the seas are about to swallow us whole and our boorish, sexual deviant of a President-elect possibly compromised the very integrity of our democracy. But at least we'll rest in our watery graves knowing the true meaning behind the line “hump de bump doop bodu.”

So, without further adieu, here are 5 amusing RHCP annotations that can help you ward off the existential despair that is slowly consuming our fragile republic.

1. “All Around The World” -- “I know, I know for sure, ding, dang, dong, dong, dang, dang, dong, dong, ding, dang”

Annotation: "Anthony Keidis stated in his book, Scar Tissue, that these words are completely made up and not at all translatable to English."

2. “Apache Rose Peacock” -- “Sittin’ on a sack of beans / Sittin’ down in New Orleans / You wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen / Sittin’ on a sack of beans”

Annotation: "This may mean that he’s in New Orleans, on drugs, during Mardi Gras."

Not everyone was satisfied with the above annotation, however. Another very confident user added “Anthony was NOT on drugs during this time. In these lyrics, he’s merely setting the scene in New Orleans.”

3. “Can’t Stop” -- “10 more reasons why I need somebody new, just like you / Far more shocking than anything, right on cue”

Annotation: For this verbal Rubik's Cube, a user just linked to a YouTube scene from 1999 teen dramedy 10 Things I Hate About You

4. "Suck My Kiss" -- "Swimming in the sound of bow wow wow"

Annotation: "He's grooving to the guitar sounds, which makes the sound ‘bow wow wow’"

5. "Get on Top" -- "I'll malinger on your block and give the finger to a cop / and pick a long before I knock and / Set you up to get on top"

Annotation: "Keidis will do whatever it takes to be the best"