400 Bar debuts sign at Mall of America

The hallowed 400 Bar has returned! As a sign, at least.

As reported in February, the 400 Bar will be part of a 25,000-square-foot complex featuring a concert venue, the Midwest Music Museum, and a restaurant at the Mall of America. With the opening of the museum this week, a familiar landmark is reborn in a new location.

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400 Bar to open venue in Mall of America

According to mall officials, the 1,000-capacity 400 Bar venue will open on August 1, and the restaurant portion will follow in September. The iconic logo T-shirts have been available at MOA for months now.

The first exhibit currently running at the Minnesota Music Museum is "Ladies and Gentlemen . . . The Beatles!" As you might expect, it includes Fab Four memorabilia, artifacts, videos, instruments, photos, and more. Also on display are exclusive pictures of the Beatles performing their only Minnesota concert at Metropolitan Stadium in 1965.

The exhibit runs at the Midwest Music Museum at Mall of America until September 7. Tickets and more info.

Along with the lovely photo (above) taken by 89.3 the Current's Andrea Swensson, a couple more 400 Bar pics have popped up on social media. Here's one from Sleep Study's Ryan Plewacki:

From the looks of it, 89.3 the Current's Jay Gabler had another stop to make during his Mall of America visit.

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