3rd Eye Girl unearths Prince rarities and "Same Page Different Book"

A hooded Prince plays "Bambi" in some newly posted footage.
A hooded Prince plays "Bambi" in some newly posted footage.

Either an elaborate prank or an elaborate smokescreen by someone within Prince's camp, the online persona known as 3rd Eye Girl has posted several rarities that point back to the Purple One. Given the reports of the massive vault of unreleased material the man reportedly keeps, this is far from implausible. One explanation of what could be going on is here at PrinceVault.

Of particular interest to fans is the posting of a previously unheard funky track called "Same Page Different Book," which features a voice that sounds like Prince. "So much more to come, if you only look" the lyrics tell us. We've got a third eye on it.    
The rest of the material that 3rd Eye Girl has posted strengthens the case that this is a legit source of Prince outtakes. You have an extended version of 2010's "LayDown," a rehearsal video of the classic from 1979 "Bambi," and a reworking of Prince's latest single, "Rock and Roll Affair."

"Same Page Different Book":

"LayDown (Xtended)":


"RNR Remix 7":

Updated (1/11/13): All of the above clips were taken down, but two new ones were added.

One is a cryptic video titled "Who is 3rd Eye Girl?" and then there's this amazing live version of "I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man."

Both on Facebook and Twitter, the information put out aside from the YouTube embeds has been a strange mix of links and photos. Some make sense, like a LoveSexy-era shot of Prince with a giant hoop earring. And then there's others that are kind of baffling. "Obama vs. physics: Why climate change won't wait for the president" from, for example.

The description on the pages is "International Art Thief. Everything you think is true. Underground. Soon to be above." So, if that proves to be true, we'll wait and see what more comes. For now, enjoy the tunes.

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