3Qs: Chuck Klosterman

class=img_thumbleft>Rural North Dakota is a long way from New York City, much further than any map will tell you. But Chuck Klosterman made the trip in record time: After several years spent working as a reporter and critic at small Midwestern newspapers, the Wyndmere native penned a memoir with a hair-band soundtrack (2001's Fargo Rock City: A Heavy Metal Odyssey in Rural North Dakota) and never looked back. His fourth book, last year's Chuck Klosterman IV, is a career-spanning collection of smart and funny essays and profiles, from his early days at the Fargo Forum through recent gigs at New York's glossiest mags. City Pages caught up with Klosterman via email a week before this installment of the Current's "Fakebook" series, which pairs him with local hit-makers Tapes 'N Tapes.


City Pages: You're often billed as a "pop culture critic." Is there any worry that, as your celebrity continues to rise, you'll eventually be indistinguishable from popular culture itself?

Chuck Klosterman: You know, the only people who view me as a celebrity are other journalists. Are you implying that I might eventually become no different than Kelly Clarkson? Because, if so, that would be pretty awesome.

CP: Releasing a career retrospective as your fourth book is a pretty bold move. How accustomed are you to being called "bold"?

CK: It's particularly weird that you would ask this question. I've been having a 10-year debate with two of my friends over what constitutes the definition of "bold." The crux of the argument is whether Mother Teresa was bold or merely humane. Personally, I do not view releasing an anthology of journalism as a particularly bold endeavor. It's not like I punched a grizzly bear or blew up the moon.

CP: Has North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven ever thanked you personally for reminding the rest of the country of his state's continued existence?

CK: He has not. However, it remains my singular dream to win the North Dakota Roughrider Award. I am completely serious about this. That is the only professional award I remotely care about.

Chuck Klosterman appears Friday, February 23 at the Fitzgerald Theater with Tapes 'N Tapes. $15. 8:00 p.m.10 E. Exchange St., St. Paul; 651.290.1221.