35 Prince reissues headed our way


Prince Chris O'Meara/Associated Press

Remember how excited you were when one Prince album got reissued? Well, prepare to get 35 times as excited.

That’s how many previously released Prince albums Legacy Recordings will begin reissuing this year. The label (a Sony imprint) entered a deal with the Prince estate to re-release 19 records that Prince made between 1995-2010, music that has been unavailable (or sporadically available) on streaming sites until now.

Granted Planet Earth (to choose just one perfectly decent later Prince album) is no Purple Rain. But many of these, including The Gold Experience, deserve to stand alongside his treasured ’80s output in any fan’s collection. (I sorted through all these recordings in my Prince album guide last year.) Legacy also has the rights to other Prince post-’95 material—live recordings, unreleased studio tracks, and the like.

And come 2021, Sony will begin reissuing much of Prince’s earlier Warner Brothers catalog. This will include classics like Sign o’ the Times and Dirty Mind, but not soundtracks like Purple Rain and Parade