3 Minnesota acts honored in A.V. Club's 2017 'Year in Band Names'

Congrats on your great long name, Controversial New 'Skinny Pill'

Congrats on your great long name, Controversial New 'Skinny Pill' Facebook

Hark! It's year-end list season, the merriest time of the year for music geeks around the globe.  

Every year since 2006, the pop culture obsessives at the A.V. Club have stuffed their fantastic Year in Band Names survey into the internet's stocking. Minnesota hasn't boasted multiple honorees since 2012, but three of our own earned name acclaim in this year's roundup, which dropped Tuesday: 

Tickle Torture, the L.A.-via-Minneapolis electro-sex spectacle (Criminals & Crimes category); Marijuana Deathsquads, the experimental noise collective (Drugs category); and the Controversial New 'Skinny Pill,' the psych-pop oddballs we predicted would "pop" in 2017 (Llllloooooonnnnnnnngggggggg category). 

Not bad!

City Pages reached out to the Controversial New 'Skinny Pill' to see what it's like having an award-winning band name. Here's TCNSP's Skyler Nowinski: 

"I feel real honored, and a bit relieved it wasn't a mean-spirited category; that would have really devastated me emotionally. Alana, the drummer, said it might be the crowning achievement of her life. Mariel, who plays synth, responded with a positive emoji. Both bass players declined to comment.

Many people in my life have told me the band name seems pretty long, but to hear that from a website I really like? I'm over the moon! Sometimes you wonder if anyone cares, if the hard work you pour into a creative project really matters, but it's moments like these that really make it all feel worth having a slightly longer than typical band name.

In fact, I believe it was City Pages earlier this year that mused aloud whether we would even still be a band by the end of the year, and while we have in no way exploded in popularity since then, we haven't exploded apart either. There's probably some poetry there!"

Click here for a compendium of all-time Minnesota Year in Band Name showings. 

Take us out, Controversial New 'Skinny Pill.'