23 stories from 2018 that'll restore your faith in humanity

Adam Iverson

Adam Iverson

Here's the thing about these times: They're bleak and probably getting bleaker. Our politics and institutions are rotten to the core, income inequality is tightening its deathgrip, and none of that really matters since the boiling seas will soon swallow us whole. 

But hey, it's the holiday season.

So let's take a breather from the relentless drumbeat of misery (sorry about about those previous sentences...) and focus on the glimmers of friendship, compassion, humor, empathy, kindness, Arby's solidarity, and general humanity that managed to shine through in 2018. These 23 stories remind us that love can still win out, and that we're all in this together. 

Happy holidays from your begrudgingly optimistic pals at City Pages. 

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