21,000 dorks overtake Chicago's Magnificent Mile


Ugh. Here's a nice little way to end a nice little week. 21,000 people gathered in downtown Chicago, the Black eyed Peas on a stage, and Oprah filming it all on her cute new iPhone.

Yes, to the hideous tones of "Let's Live It Up," the insipid hit from Black Eyed Peas, 21,000 of Oprah's fans performed a choreographed piece that really does its damndest to put the air quotes around "dance."

It's not the world's biggest dance. But it may be the world's worst. All that gesturing, all the dopey, slightly embarrassed smirks... in fact, this gargantuan display of hive minders looks rather more like tai chi than bonafide dance.

And there's something a little unnervingly imperious about Oprah at the helm, and something yet more unnerving about the power she so clearly wields. This display of homogeneity is something that would have made Phillip K. Dick reach for his bottle of white crosses.

Anyway, if you like to head into your weekends with a little forced positivity, click play and enjoy.