20 of our favorite music stories from the first half of 2017

Clockwise: Prince, Dave Simonett, Manchita, Kirk Franklin.

Clockwise: Prince, Dave Simonett, Manchita, Kirk Franklin. Photo credit, clockwise: Emily Utne, Shelly Mossman, Adam DeGross, Associated Press

Well, we're halfway through 2017. They can't take that away from us.

As terrible and ridiculous things continued to happen every day in the great wide world, our intrepid little website plugged right along, covering music in Minnesota and beyond.

In case you missed them the first time around, here are some of our favorite stories, listed chronologically.


“Drinking my way to the meaning of Dawes' 'When the Tequila Runs Out,’” Jerard Fagerberg

“P.O.S roars back from health woes with 'Chill, Dummy,'” Erik Thompson



"Bob Monahan, The music mayor," Jay Boller

“How Dave Simonett of Trampled by Turtles turned devastation into his best album yet,” Erica Rivera

“How Trump’s plan to gut the NEA could hit Minnesota musicians,” Austin Gerth

“Varsity Theater concert calendar empty; owner accused of sex crimes 'on the legal lam,'” Jay Boller

“An oral history of the Foxfire, Minneapolis' fleeting and beloved all-ages rock club,” Michaelangelo Matos



“Remembering Mary Ellen Loney: First Ave was her second home,” Tigger Lunney

“RIP Chuck Berry, inventor of the rock lyric, interpreter of teenage dreams,” Keith Harris



"Rachael Kilgour stands up for herself on 'Rabbit in the Road,'" Youa Vang

“Prince: A complete album guide,” Keith Harris



“When the Grateful Dead came to town: A quick history of the band's Minnesota trips,” Jesse Jarnow

"How Perfume Genius survived to shine more brightly than ever on 'No Shape,'" Ryan Warner

“How gospel innovator Kirk Franklin and ‘Stomp’ unexpectedly stormed the pop charts 20 years ago this week,” Josh Langhoff



"U2 journeys through America’s past, present, and future at the first of two Midwest shows," Erik Thompson

"Manchita's after-PRTY: The fierce rapper tries a little tenderness on her solo debut, 'One,'" Jack Spencer

"The Pour Organs burn bridges -- and churches -- on on their debut EP," Jerard Fagerberg

“Eaux Claires succeeds yet again, despite sudden storms and Justin Vernon's hatred of balloons,” Keith Harris

"There are 1.5 billion reasons why MSG exec James Dolan's band opened for Don Henley last night," Andy Sturdevant

"Taylor J moves past mixtapes with his debut album, 'Who Would've Thought,'" Michael Madden