2 Chainz at Myth, 12/13/12

2 Chainz at Myth, 12/13/12
Photo by B Fresh Photography

2 Chainz with Trigg Da Kidd and Lizzo

Myth Nightclub, St. Paul
Thursday, December 13, 2012

2 Chainz has already performed in the Twin Cities a few times at Epic, but Myth gave him a lot more to work with. It's more expansive and has far better sightlines -- for a place that's a bitch to get to.

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The Chalice's Lizzo began her opening slot with five marching band drummers entering the stage instead of her or her producer/MPC masher Lazerbeak, whose lava bangers backed a whole slew of new material premiered at this show.
2 Chainz at Myth, 12/13/12
2 Chainz at Myth, 12/13/12
Photos by B Fresh

Next Generation Drumline killed on their own -- though the audience half dug it and half had no idea what to do with actual instrumentation -- but proceeded to switch rhythms and go into Lizzo's "Werk" as she, Sophia Eris, and Lazerbeak took to the stage. The rappers are dynamic on their own, but this was a whole new level for all involved. Lizzo sounds ill over Beak beats, which pound incredibly hard with the live drum emphasis on top. The audience wasn't quite ready for something like this, but it played remarkably well in a large setting.

Detroit's Trigg Da Kidd came up next and delivered a decent enough performance in a similar style to the 2 Chainz ethic. The more standard trap beats appealed to the crowd, though again they didn't totally get behind unfamiliar material. It didn't make a huge impression, but it definitely set the mood for seeing 2 Chainz. Chainz, formerly known as Tity Boi, is a draw because he does the arrogant asshole punchline routine with more flare and potential to stick in your head than nearly anyone else going, and Trigg was a reminder that there's no room for mediocrity in this particular lane.
2 Chainz at Myth, 12/13/12
2 Chainz at Myth, 12/13/12
Photos by B Fresh

Following a short movie played on the backdrop screen, 2 Chainz made his appearance with his verse on the Grammy-nominated "Mercy" which, frankly, kills. The audience was with him from then on, and seemingly knew every track as though they had just listened to it ten times straight on the way over. Say what you want, the man has racked up a hefty number of hits, and his set was wall-to-wall big songs.

Looking up a review of a 2 Chainz concert from somewhere else earlier this year to double-check some song names, suspicions of a rote concert format were correct. Every little on-stage banter and every transition between songs was planned to a T (example: "This is my tour and we play by my rules! One of the rules is no fighting. Except on this song!" Cue "Riot").

Still, through everything 2 Chainz proves his songs alone are strong enough to carry a whole set of similarly molded tracks and make each one knock. He isn't exactly a dynamo onstage but he swaggers through every beat and encourages people to turn up in a way few else can. Seeing them live made me appreciate how well constructed his string of bangers truly are, and the 36 year-old rap phenomenon that penned these monster tracks can indeed put on a spectacle of a show. It had similar lackluster moments to other big-name rap shows, but it also was far ahead of a lot of them in terms of overall performance and audience appreciation. Everyone had a great time, to the point where they were ready to fight as they squeezed out the door and through the coat check line.

Critic's Bias: The night began somewhat on the wrong foot with the party bus arriving at pick-up over an hour later than originally proposed. Still, a party bus period was certainly appreciated, as I don't have any idea how or if I would have gotten to Myth (and back) otherwise.

The first and only rule before we got on was "no smoking weed" which stalled people from smoking weed for at least 10 or 15 minutes, but once the Dinkytown passengers got onto the bus it got chaotic in the way you sort of hope party buses will be. Some girls made use of the poles with an obvious intent to siphon some of the booze from random dudes. Lots of 2 Chainz played on the speakers. The half hour or so ride was about what I expected: loud, somewhat obnoxious, but ultimately a fun way to get from point A to point B.

The rigamarole of the party bus and standing through a mob of folks at coat check made me a tad grumpy coming away from it all. The bus ride home was far less enjoyable, with some light puking and cramped conditions, but hey, we rode around and we got it.

The Crowd: Myth is a rather sizable place, and you could feel how tightly packed it was, especially as people made attempts to leave.

Overheard In The Crowd: "I grew up like, you get pushed you push back. I ain't even from the hood, I'm from Richdale." Shortly afterwards, she proved her point.


Turn Up
Beez In The Trap
I Luv Dem Strippers
Dope Peddler
Bands A Make Her Dance
G.O.O.D. Morning
Duffle Bag Boy
Birthday Song
Fuckin' Problem
I'm Different
Spend It
No Lie
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