17 ways to celebrate Bob Dylan's 70th birthday in Minnesota


Minnesota's most famous expatriate and one of the most respected songwriters of our time, Bob Dylan, is celebrating his 70th birthday today. How do you honor the man who has received every honor in the world? We thought of a few ways you could pay your respects today.

1. Take a drive up Minnesota's Highway 61 while listening to Highway 61 Revisited.

2. Get off in Hibbing and go to Zimmy's, a restaurant in Dylan's hometown plastered with memorabilia from his lengthy career.

3. While you're in Hibbing, drive by Dylan's old house all creepy-like. It's at 2425 7th Avenue East (a street now named "Dylan Drive").

10. Learn more about Dylan's voyage to New York in 1961, read the Village Voice's series Bob Dylan in NYC, which chronicles his first days in the city.


11. Pick up a copy of A Nod to Bob 2, a compilation issued by Red House Records that features many of their artists (Storyhill, John Gorka, Pieta Brown) playing covers of Dylan's tunes in honor of his 70th birthday.

12. Tune into Radio K all day today as they bring in local bands like Zoo Animal, the Orange Mighty Trio, and the Goondas to perform covers of Dylan's songs.

13. Flip through the latest issue of Rolling Stone, which counts down some of Dylan's greatest moments and songs.

15. Take a look at some of the more bizarre moments from Dylan's career, as offered up by the Onion.

16. Listen to Sound Opinions' two-part series on Dylan's career, including an episode that examines his early folk years and one that calls on Al Kooper to help analyze the pivotal (and oft-misremembered) moment when Dylan "went electric."

17. Spend some time with our Bob Dylan YouTube compendium, which gives an overview of his long, winding career in a series of videos.