15 albums Mike Love needs to unleash after ‘Unleash the Love’

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Mike Love.

You almost certainly know him as the nasal voice on many of the Beach Boys’ biggest hits, from “Surfin’ Safari” to “Kokomo.”

You may also know him as one of the most hated men in rock ’n' roll history, notorious for suing Brian Wilson – the guy who wrote almost every Beach Boys hit that isn’t “Kokomo” – and kicking all the other original members out of the group in 2012.

If you really know your stuff, you’re aware of Mike’s solo career, which started with 1981’s dubious Looking Back With Love and continues with November’s doubly dubious Unleash the Love, consisting of 13 new songs (including “Make Love Not War,” “Ram Raj,” and two John Stamos guest spots) and 12 re-recordings of Beach Boys classics like “Help Me Rhonda” and “Good Vibrations” -- a song we’ve all wished he’d take another crack at.

I mean, look at this:

While most will shake their fist at this face -- again, MIKE LOVE IS RE-RECORDING “GOOD VIBRATIONS” WITHOUT THE OTHER BEACH BOYS -- we’d rather light a candle than curse his dorkness. Here are some projects, complete with the sort of titular puns Love seemingly can’t resist, that Mike might consider for his next solo voyage.

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Butta Love: 12 Even Sexier Slow Jams From the Quiet Storm

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Love In An Elevator: Mike Hums the Golden Age of Muzak

A Higher Love: Mike Re-Records Brian’s Falsettos on "Pet Sounds" (feat. Mark McGrath on “God Only Knows”)

Love, Actually: Mike Reads Anonymous Comments He’s Left on Stories About Brian Wilson

Mike Love Does It Good: A Tribute from the Undeniable Genius of the Beach Boys to the Undeniable Genius of the Beatles

Eno/Love: Music for "Cocktail" Sequels

When Love Cries: Mike Love Remembers Prince

Can You Feel Mike Love Tonight?: Mike Love Remembers Elton John [to be released upon Elton’s death]

Mike Love Is the Seventh Wave: Mike Love Remembers Sting [to be released upon Sting’s death]

Where Is Mike Love?: Mike Love First Learns About and Then Remembers [to be released upon’s death]